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Enhancing Communication Skills

Many of the challenging behaviors we see in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients are related to lack of proper communications skills on the part of the caregiver. Now, don’t misunderstand me, I am not trying to make the caregiver the “bad guy.” Caregivers have much on their minds and are usually very tired and stressed, so…

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What is truth?  Should we look at the world through rose colored glasses and be positive or to be more precise and realistic?  Or is it more important to view the world as right or wrong; “black and white” or are the shades of gray where we need to be? Perspective is critical.  If you…

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Repetitive Speech & Behaviors

Mom keeps asking me the same question over and over……Dad tells us a hundred times a day he needs to go to work (he’s been retired for 20 years)…..Dad insists on taking the car to the garage (we sold his car 3 years ago)…Mom thinks she has to cook a huge meal for our family…

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