TY for Putting your Trust in DCPutnam Consulting & Me!

This is a little “belated,” but I wanted to say thank you through this medium to all those who have been in relationship with DCPutnam Consulting since it’s inception in 2014. Prior to moving to the greater Pittsburgh, PA area in March of 2019, I had to close down my consulting business in the Rhode Island / Massachusetts / New England area. Personally and professionally, that was a difficult task for me. I had an established consulting business that had impacted many family and professional caregivers, as well as the general public.

As I closed out 4.5 years of business and service to New England, I shared statistics on my DCPutnam Consulting FB page. Below are some of the responses I received as a result of that post. Too, too many to put into the Testimonial section of my website or below. But I hope you, as a caregiver, can learn from reading their responses how important it is for caregivers to seek education and counsel when you are struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease or Vascular Dementia or FTD (Frontotemporal Degeneration), or Parkinson’s, or any of the other forms of dementia. For if caregivers have the courage to learn about the disease that their love one is struggling with, caregivers can then begin to put into practice new skills and techniques that make the patient’s and the caregiver’s life more manageable as they travel together through the long journey they have ahead of them.

“Doreen, thank you for sharing. You have helped me and continue to do so on this journey.” (Kathy -Spouse)

“Thank you so much for the help you have given me. I look forward to your daily posts. I am forever grateful our paths passed and can never thank you enough. People come into our lives, not by mistake but for a reason. Thank you for being you.” (Nancy -Spouse)

“Doreen, thanks for sharing your expertise with us and so many others like us that you have helped.” (Chuck – Spouse)

“Thank you for making my life and my mother’s… better. You have given me baby steps to a better understanding of being a caregiver and knowing also when to let go and let others help. You are a guardian angel to me and went above and beyond to teach me what to do in a very heartfelt situation. I hope we cross paths again someday. You were there for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the best. Thank you for caring.” (Denise – Daughter)

The numbers are important to me as a businessperson and a person who cares deeply about caregivers and their loved ones with dementia. But more importantly, it’s that caregivers are seeking help through a variety of avenues, including DCPutnam Consulting… seeking the help and guidance they need on their difficult journey. If you are a caregiver reading this blog post – no mtter where you mght live – please allow yourself the courage and strength to recognize what is happening to your loved one & your family and seek help. Learning as much as you can, can literally change your life as a caregiver.

AND don’t forget to follow my FB page, DCPutnam Consulting, for tons of helpful hints and suggestions to get you through your caregiving days.

Doreen C. Putnam, CDP, CMDCP, CIPG

Founder and CEO of DCPutnam Consulting

October 30, 2019

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