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Part 2: Positive Tips for Communicating

Today I want to look at #6 on this chart “Never say ‘I told you,’ instead Repeat/Regroup.”  (Take a look at my blog for 3.24.17 to get more details regarding #1 arguing.) So what does that quote mean to a caregiver who is soooo frustrated because (she) has answered the same question for the billionth…

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The 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

The National Alzheimer’s Association has developed a very helpful list of warning signs that assist families and individuals determine if they might be experiencing the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease or one of the other dementias.  If you or your loved one is experiencing 3 or more of these behaviors, and they are NEW behaviors,…

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Repetitive Speech & Behaviors

Mom keeps asking me the same question over and over……Dad tells us a hundred times a day he needs to go to work (he’s been retired for 20 years)…..Dad insists on taking the car to the garage (we sold his car 3 years ago)…Mom thinks she has to cook a huge meal for our family…

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