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  The statistics are awesome.. meaning unbelievable or daunting.   Look at those statistics… falls happen so fast and can do so much damage to an elderly person, especially one with some form of dementia.   Dementia patients don’t necessarily understand the pain they are experiencing following a fall or when a fracture occurs. If…

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Part 2: Positive Tips for Communicating

Today I want to look at #6 on this chart “Never say ‘I told you,’ instead Repeat/Regroup.”  (Take a look at my blog for 3.24.17 to get more details regarding #1 arguing.) So what does that quote mean to a caregiver who is soooo frustrated because (she) has answered the same question for the billionth…

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ADLs – What are they?

Activities of Daily Living ~~ These are the tasks that we all take for granted each day of our lives. They are the things that allow us to live successfully within the family structure. Things that we learned as children that enabled us to become independent and proud of who we were. As individuals’ progresses…

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