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Dear Friends,

The Fall 2017     [Highlight this link and go to page 3 for article about Doreen] issue of the AFTD Newsletter spotlights all aspects of our mission, from spreading FTD awareness, to advancing groundbreaking scientific research, to helping members of the FTD community connect with one another.

Doreen Putnam

In this issue, we highlight the story of Doreen Putnam. Inspired by an FTD story, Doreen works tirelessly on AFTD’s behalf as a Regional Coordinator Volunteer.

Through our staff, Board, and volunteers like Doreen, AFTD works every day to help our community find help and share hope with others who understand this disease. Your support drives this vital work — please, consider making an end-of-year gift today.   [Go to this link if you would like to make a contribution to AFTD.]

I wish you the best for the holiday season and the new year.


Susan L-J Dickinson, MS, CGC

Chief Executive Officer, AFTD

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