Family Caregivers in Need of Education

cute grandson grabbing the nose of laughing great grandmother. fDCPutnam Consulting provides education for family caregivers who have just discovered that a loved one has a diagnosis, are struggling with the progression of the disease or are considering placement in a memory-care facility or nursing home.

Family caregivers are devastated when a diagnosis is identified for their loved one.  They face a variety of emotions including confusion, guilt, sadness, anger and grief.  They are overwhelmed by their emotions, but also the responsibilities they will now need to tackle.  Whether they are at the beginning of this journey or have lived with it for a number of years, they need to rely on local resources and professionals in the field who can help them understand what is happening to their loved one.  Every day can be different and as their loved one moves through the disease process, the patient’s and the family’s needs and concerns will shift.

I am available to consult with family members who are primary and secondary caregivers, as well as long distance caregivers.  They may need just one session or multiple sessions depending on circumstances.  Some family situations are more complicated than others and we will need to decide, together, what is best.  Face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations, e-mailing and Skyping are all possibilities in order to keep in close contact through an initial crisis and the long-term process.

Education / Training Options:
Each family situation is different and unique.  All families have financial and legal issues to deal with, but not one family situation will look like another.  That is true in determining what is best for families or individuals who need guidance.  Services will be tailored to meet specific needs. It’s imperative that I am able to talk with the primary caregiver and potentially the patient.  This will give me the information I need to be able to guide the family as they make the decisions necessary to care for their loved one.

Update: August 1, 2019

Since I began my consulting business on March 1, 2014, I have had many wonderful opportunities to spend time with families who are struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, early-on set Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Frontotemporal degeneration (FTD) or one of the other related forms of dementia.

We’ve talked when a family has just received a diagnosis… when they are confused about how to handle certain behaviors… when the communication techniques we have talked about have been so helpful… when it became necessary to tour memory-care assisted living communities, adult day programs or nursing homes for potential placement outside of the home setting.

I’ve spent time with families in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York and have talked with families from Florida, New York, Louisiana, South Carolina,Massachusetts and Connecticut. Through my Google Analytics program I know that people in as many as 67 countries have reviewed my website on a monthly basis. It’s been a challenging and rewarding 5 years.


DCPutnam Consulting fees are negotiable, depending on content, number of trainings and the length of each session.

* Mileage and Travel Fees Subject to Negotiation

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