National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP)

2018 CDP of the Year Award – Nomination

“The NCCDP CDP of the Year award is recognized as one of the Nation’s most prestigious awards in the field of Dementia care. This award provides both the nominator and the nominee the opportunity to be a catalyst that sets the standards for superb and outstanding dementia care.

Unlike other awards programs, the CDP of the Year Award recognizes the impact that the CDP has with the staff, as the use of their dementia education motivates their colleagues to set higher care goals with patient care. Additionally, the Certified Dementia Practitioner is able to meet the challenges of reaching beyond state and federal regulations regarding Dementia education and care. Through the nominees’ excellence in Dementia care, the nominee inspires a lifelong passion for their colleagues continued growth in patient care.

The NCCDP recognizes this stellar achievement.”

(Source:  NCCDP Nomination Form, 2018)


Rhode Island Small Business Journal

2016 Entrepreneurial Women to Watch Award

Start-Up Category:  Honorable Mention

RISBJ recognized women in Rhode Island who were entrepreneurs in their field of business.  Five categories were identified and a total of three individuals were selected for each category. I received an Honorable Mention for the Start-Up category, as I had developed my consulting business within the previous three years.


American Red Cross

2002 – Heroes Award
Worked at and Organized Volunteers to Work at Ground Zero
Fall River, MA

Following 911, I organized groups of volunteers to go to Ground Zero in New York City to volunteer at St. Paul’s Episcopal Chapel, located within feet of the disaster area.  Volunteers worked 12 hour shifts, providing support for the Ground Zero volunteers (FBI, BCI, NYS Police, NYC Firefighters, NYC Police, etc.).  St. Paul’s was a safe haven for all of the workers and volunteers who were in “the pit” every day for hours on end.  The volunteers cooked and served food, located clothing and supplies from donations, served coffee, and greeted & thanked the volunteers for their service.  The experience was very moving – very personal – and cannot possibly be put into words.  It was a humbling experience, but a wonderful way to support our country when it needed it the most.


National Alzheimer’s Association

1994 – Development & Implementation of Education and Training Programs
Syracuse, NY

The National Alzheimer’s Association presented this  award for educational programming that I developed for family caregivers within an eight county area.  I was responsible for completing telephone or face-to-face assessments with family members, thus determining their greatest needs.  This assessment allowed us to focus on the individual situation within the family regarding care and the understanding of their loved one.  Once the assessment was completed, one of my stafft met with as many family members as possible for three hours to share basic information regarding care, communication skills, behaviors and available resources. It was a concentrated time in which questions could be asked and hopefully, through the educational component, family members could be more focused on the patient’s needs and what the family needed to do to be of assistance.


Presidential Award, President Ronald Reagan

1984 – Development & Implementation of Gifted and Talented/Volunteer Programs
Newark Central School District
Newark, NY

The school district received a state grant to develop and implement a program for those students who were “bright” and had special talents. After a successful year we were able to expand the program to also include a district-wide volunteer program.  It was a point in time when volunteer programs were in their infancy. I implemented participation at all levels of the district – elementary, junior high and high school.  Students in the latter two levels did mentor-ships within the school district and beyond in the business community.  Our program was one of the outstanding programs in the State of New York.


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