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  The statistics are awesome.. meaning unbelievable or daunting.   Look at those statistics… falls happen so fast and can do so much damage to an elderly person, especially one with some form of dementia.   Dementia patients don’t necessarily understand the pain they are experiencing following a fall or when a fracture occurs. If…

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Grief…No one can do it for you

I recently posted this piece on my FB page DCPutnam Consulting.  The posting received more than 2,300 hits and obviously had a huge impact on my readers. I want to include it here so others may see it in the future.  (Double click on diagram to enlarge.) *****     *****     *****     *****     ***** This diagram was…

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Aaron Hernandez’s autopsy has proven that when he died at age 27,  he had Stage 3 of 4 stages of CTE ! CTE is Chronic Traumatic Encephalophy. Hernandez was a player with the New England Patriot’s prior to his suicidal death. We’ve all heard this phrase ~ CTE ~ over the past few years as…

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Making Good Memories

I have just returned from a dream-trip of a lifetime.  This trip has been on my “bucket list” for years and I will carry the memories with me forever… so many over the top experiences. I’ve known for my 20+ years of working in the dementia field, that there are many family members who think…

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“What Ifs ?”

“What If….. Dad wanders away from home and gets lost? “What If….. Mom thinks the Clorox bottle under the kitchen sink is milk? “What If….. There is no bed available in an assisted living memory-care community when my sister needs to be placed? “What If….. Dad refuses to give up his car keys and has…

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TBI – What is it?

My husband,  Ed – (who authored under the name of Jed Waverly)  was a writer prior to his death 9 months ago.  He authored a blog entitled “The Penultimate Word” and published 2,000 posts over a 6-7 year period of time. I went to his blog site and was reading through some of his writings…

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5 Stages of Parkinson’s Disease

When people see a picture of Michael J. Fox, I believe they automatically think of Parkinson’s Disease.  He is the one person who we associate with this disease because he is so well known and has been so vigilant in sharing his story. Let’s take a look at the stages of this disease. According to…

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Brain Fog

BRAIN FOG ~ Brain Fog is one of the realities caregivers deal with, along with experiencing fatigue, guilt, anxiety, grief, stress, “I can do it myself” syndrome and denial… etc… etc… etc. So what is brain fog and how do we see it exhibiting itself in caregivers? I recently lost my husband of 51 years,…

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Part 2: Positive Tips for Communicating

Today I want to look at #6 on this chart “Never say ‘I told you,’ instead Repeat/Regroup.”  (Take a look at my blog for 3.24.17 to get more details regarding #1 arguing.) So what does that quote mean to a caregiver who is soooo frustrated because (she) has answered the same question for the billionth…

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